Building a Better America NOW!

Creating an inclusive path to prosperity that ensures opportunity for future generations!

Industry plays a critical role in sustainable solutions, particularly when technology and growth are introduced as a change agent.  People and change are two key factors as to how we unleash the potential of the American economy. 

NOW America seeks to build a leveraged consensus between community stakeholders, government, academia, industry and the international community.

Enterprise Opportunity Fund Complex

Now America ( is a research program of the Council Exchange Board of Trade (CEBOT), Looking Forward Research & Development.  Now America, Corp. (NOW), promoted as a Virginia holding company, is fully owned by CEBOT.  NOW is a for profit entity that will form the Community Outcome Fund and govern the ongoing regional Joint Venture MOU agreements and investment smart contracts.

20 Regions

Joint Ventures by Region

Opportunity Fund Complex

Strategic Planning/Team Formation

The management team behind NOW is currently developing the program format to effectively manage the planned regional joint ventures.  The CEBOT executive team along with the investment team from the Community Outcome Fund work in concert to research the possibilities for a Joint Venture strategy that is both profitable and meets the outcome needs of the stakeholders involved.

Community Outcome Fund

The Outcome Fund is a Qualified Opportunity Fund research program office of the Council Exchange Board of Trade, which is authorized and regulated by in accordance with industry custom.

Council Exchange Board of Trade

Building trusted networks among 65,000 minority technology companies and the communities and clients they serve.

Raising Trust, Capital and Humanity

America promise can be achieved through a concerted effort to think critically, act responsibly and invest with both innovation and courage with expectations of impact and return.

Karl J. Cureton
Chairman & CEO

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